The Estela Kelley Show

Creativity Meets Faith & Business Podcast. Journeying my way through business and crafting to launching an online business. I have been setting the path from Hobbyist to business mindset. A true nudged by GOD story. I provide resources, tools, & strategy but most importantly I incorporate FAITH, experience, and shared knowledge.

Episode 4: It Won’t Work If You Don’t

A short discussion on the all in all of life. Tidbits to think about. Why somethings don't work out? It won’t work. Nothing will work out. Tidbits to think about. You are betting against something that will win & always cause you to lose. You are an awesome seed.  Water yourself, take care of you and the rest will follow. Your goals, your success will amplify and be ready for you. It will be so much easier than your last attempt I promise! Visit site to hear the blog come to life! We are in some beta stuff!

Episode 2 Tips for Newbie Craft Vendors

Being new is scary stuff people! I know first hand, but as a newbie craft vendor there is lots to do and learn! Listen into the Podcast & Learn.  I'm here for you newbies. I myself was once a newbie & it's terrifying but once you make that committment it's easy peasy ride to success! 

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