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Creativity Meets Faith & Business Podcast. Journeying my way through business and crafting to launching an online business. I have been setting the path from Hobbyist to business mindset. A true nudged by GOD story. I provide resources, tools, & strategy but most importantly I incorporate FAITH, experience, and shared knowledge.

Podcast Episode 10 How Do You Serve

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When going thru life, how do you serve came up under my radar because of Facebook Memories.   It was an old post of a picture I took of a napkin while eating at Cracker Barrel.  I pondered, if I have been useful in this lifetime thus far.  Can I still be serving?  How am I serving at the moment?  

Podcast Episode 9 Up Play Your Groot

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In this Podcast on Up Play Your Groot, I Up Play being casted as a petrified wood looking Marvel Character into an inner source of love. I dive deep into my character of FAITH and how one can Up Play their own Groot. How one can turn weaknesses into a strength?  Listen in and hear how I turned my Groot Character into the power and source of one within.

Podcast Episode 8: Easy Steps to Meeting Your Future Goals

Sharing some easy peasy steps to meeting your future goals.  Are you allowing your present self to succeed?  Are you setting present things in motion now to meet your future self happily so your future self can show you much more.  Much more success. Much more abundance.  Listen in and share!

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