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Creativity Meets Faith & Business Podcast. Journeying my way through business and crafting to launching an online business. I have been setting the path from Hobbyist to business mindset. A true nudged by GOD story. I provide resources, tools, & strategy but most importantly I incorporate FAITH, experience, and shared knowledge.

Podcast 41 Your Gifts Come From Above

You have gifts and all your gifts came from above.  When I was first nudged to do my hair accessories, I didn’t think that I had a gift. Ever. Like, never, ever.  I always thought that gifts and hobbies were for other people but not for me.  I went to school and learned a skill and lived my life. But when this gift fell on my lap, I decided to dabble in it to keep my head afloat from other things going on in my life.  GOD put this in my heart and hands to sow into it to not only keep me distracted from these thing but to sow and grow something that I never would have thought of.  Because of HIM I am in this position now of journeying my way thru business and crafting and because of HIM I am going to share some tips I’ve learned along the way this month beginning every Tuesday and Thursday. And only for this month since it's Quarter 4 of a business year. I want give and share from my creative insights. HE has allowed my gifts of loving to read and write into a blog.  HE has instilled a real hobby into my heart.  HE has allowed my creative chakras to flow smoothly and into something more.  And much more yet to come. Your gifts come from above.

Listen in and take a kind ear to the podcast.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not

to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future.”


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Podcast Episode 25 Are You Ready To Receive All The Good Things

Are you ready to receive all the good things?  Good things in life? Are you ready to receive all the delicious goodies? Exciting stuff, huh.  Yes it is! Have you pushed aside all them obstacle?  Did you get your vision board ready?  When you are ready, not just say or act but seriously ready then you will feel free.  Free to create.  Opportunities for growth. Present day today.  Not yesterday!  I want to make big move, big choices, big opportunities.  These obstacles will NO longer take captive of me, my emotions, nor my growth. Pray blessings over them so they too can be prosperous and leave you be to be just YOU. There is more than enough for everyone.

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With much love, grace, and favor on to you.

Share the Flippin’ Fun!!! And Share the Blessings!


Podcast Episode 24 Prioritize Your Life & Business

Welcome Y'all! Podcast #24 Prioritize Your Life and Business.  You all know by now I'm a spiritual loving gal from Texas, right?! My journey back into blogging and now podcasting was brought upon by a spiritual journey that happened back in May 2017 to be exact.  I was being pulled and unfocused in so many ways in my life and business forced me to take a step back.  Maybe you call it failing but I call it falling back into HIS graces.  And HIS graces I have followed and when I put HIM as priority life and business began to fall into HIS graces as well.  My timing and plans are all according to HIM.  It's not GOD willing.  It's GOD knowing.

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